Napier Grass COBN5 ( Napier CO5 )

An Environmentalist, Dr. Udaykumar Shiroorkar, who also served as Assistant Commissioner BMC, Mumbai in the past.

All I can say is WOW! I’m a skeptic by nature, so when I first heard about the benefits of Napier COBN5 ( Napier CO5 ) forage and silage from Rivashaa, I decided to do my tests. I ordered some samples and got an analysis of the protein content, crude fiber content and dry matter content of Rivashaa’s products – and I found they were just as good as advertised! The silage had 14.6% protein, 26.5% crude fiber, and dry matter content of just 20.3%, which is way better than any other type of feed like alfalfa or Pakchong.

I am highly recommending to each farmer and would reach out to every village in our states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka India and help them be self-sustainable by adopting an excellent sustainable agriculture practice to be followed with plantation of a super revolutionary green Hybrid Napier COBN5 ( Napier CO5 ) for their livestock and cattle feed.  My firm name is IND-U-RAM Green Solutions. You may reach me on induramengineers@gmail.com or 9869430318

Dr. Udaykumar Shiroorkar,
B.E.Mech.ME.Env.LLB. Env. Acts,
Ex Assistant Commissioner BMC


Napier Grass COBN5 ( Napier CO5 )

Rivashaa is a brilliant company because it has the culture, morals and business acumen to its core. Apart from its innovation, It is a company of today’s times. What I have learnt is that rivashaa always thrives to achieve what clients want rather than sticking to what it has to offer. It won’t be long before we see rivashaa amongst the top ten enterprises globally. It will win, not because of its business, but because if it’s values.

Nakul Sharedalal, IPR Enthusiast

Vibhuti Bhai2

Napier Grass COBN5 ( Napier CO5 )

When I first read the claims about Rivashaa’s Napier COBN5 ( Napier CO5 ) forage and silage products, I wasn’t totally convinced. I had been using a combination of a different breed of elephant grass and Pakchong I grasses to feed my livestock, and it seemed to be working just fine. Milk production was good, and my animal was all healthy.

But I decided to try switching to Napier Grass COBN5 ( Napier CO5 ) anyway, as Rivashaa offered me a really good price. And despite my initial reservations, I have to say that the results were incredible. The high protein content of Napier Grass COBN5 ( Napier CO5 ) really made a difference in overall milk production and quality.

All the best!

Vibhuti Kalavadia


Napier Grass COBN5 ( Napier CO5 )

I am Abhishek Shah, a Chartered Accountant by profession and an agriculturist by heart.
I have always had difficulties finding high-quality silage to feed my animals in the dry season. I’ve tried different breeds of grasses from many different producers, and never found a consistent product that is truly nutritious. When I found Rivashaa, though, this changed. Their Napier Grass COBN5 ( Napier CO5 ) has a high protein content, low fiber content, and packed with all the micronutrients that my animals need. And with consistent deliveries and a high-quality product, I can always trust that I’ll get the products I need for my animals to stay happy and healthy throughout the dry season in India. Growing up a revolutionary green hybrid Napier COBn5 ( Napier CO5 ) on our farm, I could not let go off my passion for farming this wonderful forage crop even after starting a tax consultancy firm. My contact no is 9909966543 or you may reach me on abhishek.shah@marcgroup.co.in

Go Green!
Abhishek Shah
He who plants a tree plants a hope


Moringa Oleifera

I am Mohammed Ishan Qureshi, Founder of Being Gymaholic and I also run a health food supplement business that operates in the West, and I was looking for a new supply of Moringa Oleifera leaves, which we could dry into powder and use as dietary supplements. Rivashaa caught my eye right away because they offer 100% organic, pesticide and fertilizer-free Moringa Oleifera products. Once we got our first shipment of dried Moringa Oleifera leaves and converted them into powder, I knew we had found the right supplier. The quality was the best I’ve ever seen, and our customers are now buying more Moringa Oleifera supplements than ever from our company.

Eat the Right Foods and Portion Each Meal. No matter how bad your stomach is telling you to go for candy over healthy food, try to stay away from sweets.

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Moringa Oleifera

I am Amit Shah, Founder of Tia & Berry brand and Managing partner of BREWUP BLENDERS LLP.

Our company creates exotic herbal teas to sell in India and the West, and we were looking for a supplier that could provide us with a year-round supply of high-quality Moringa Oleifera leaves, which we could use in our tea blends. After a bit of searching, we found Rivashaa. Thanks to their unique location and harvesting methods, they said they could cut fresh leaves up to 8 times per year – providing us with a year-round supply. We signed an initial contract right away, and we’ve had nothing but the best experience with Rivashaa’s Moringa Oleifera products since then!

Rejuvenate, Revitalise & Strengthen your mind and body with our range of healthy and delicious brews.

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