Melia Dubia Sapling for Plantation

Melia Dubia Sapling for Plantation

Melia Dubia Plant

Melia Dubia Plant

The attention of the entire world is getting focused on agroforestry because of its endless economic possibilities. New economical plants are discovered daily and it remains our duty at Rivashaa to share new information with those who are looking at positioning themselves more advantageously through agroforestry.

The Melia Dubia tree is one of the many pieces of information you can benefit from economically and the good news is that not so many people know about it yet. The better you equip yourself with meaningful information on how to grow and nurture this tree plant, the wider you will get to smile at the bank in a few years.

The Magic of Melia Dubia

Malabar Neem

Malabar Neem

The magic of Melia Dubia Plant also known as Malabar Neem lies in its impressive height. This deciduous tree can grow up to twenty meters high in less than five years, making it one of the fastest-growing species amidst the timber categories currently available.

Being from the Meliaceae family of trees, it can be cultivated in any kind of soil and under irrigated conditions as it requires less supervision or management. Typically for short term uses, the tree can be ready for use within two years even though it takes between seven to fifteen years for a long-term harvest. However, it is essential to first introduce you to the many advantages and uses of the Malabar Neem from the Meliaceae family.

Importance of Melia Dubia

Melia Dubia

Melia Dubia

Apart from being the most sought-after tree species by the Plywood Industry, this softwood has proven to be the best raw materials needed in the paper pulp industry, packing case industry, splints making, agricultural implements making, music instruments making and even ceiling plank making.

All of these uses are for the softwood that can be generated from the Melia Dubia if harvested within two to five years. For more mature harvesting of seven to fifteen years, Melia Dubia is essentially strong enough for building purposes because of its anti-termite properties.

Aside from these uses, the extracts from the Melia Dubia Plant has been reported to be medicinal to locals in India. The seed has been reported to contain between 65% to 82% of Oleic acid which is essential in pharmaceuticals as an emulsifying or solubilizing agent in aerosol products. The oily extracts from the trees have been reported to be useful for soap production as well as for hair damage control oils even though they are still largely unused but that will not take away the potentiality of limitless opportunities it is opening for the beauty industry.

However, as an economical tree, the plywood and paper pulp market seems to be the most viable and readily available options to most farmers has its average returns on a single acre has been recorded to yield even up to Rs. 90,000 growing just a thousand saplings.

The Rivashaa Melia Dubia Saplings

Melia Dubia

Melia Dubia

The best of Melia Dubia Plant are those grown using the Ravashaa nursery nurtured and well-tendered saplings. While it is potentially true that Melia Dubia can be grown in any soil, it is more advantageous, for quicker growth, to have nurtured well-cultivated Melia Dubia seedlings under the best-irrigated condition.

We are in the business of offering the world the best Melia Dubia saplings are we are not shy to share with you the secrets on how to cultivate the best of Melia Dubia saplings. It starts with preparing the right seedlings.

The Melia Dubia Plant can only be cultivated in soil and not sand. At Rivashaa, we treat our Melia Dubia Plant to an organically refined soil and process them to ready saplings that can then be transplanted to farms. We offer premium selected seeds that have gone through seed treatment and sowing. We jealously give our Melia Dubia seeds ninety days of right growing conditions to grow into tender saplings which are further nurtured in our nursery into commercial Melia Dubia saplings that can then be sold into plantations.

The Recommended Plantation Method for Rivashaa Melia Dubia Saplings

For a productive yield, prepare a two feet wide hole while maintaining a minimum of four meters space between each plant. Fill back holes with at least two kilograms of organic farm manure before covering up with dug-out soil. This preparation will give enough space for your saplings to grow very fast.

Do not forget to let your saplings adjust to your climate in a situation where you imported your saplings from a long distance. Give it about seven to ten days of can watering to ensure it is shedding no leaf.

Ten days into planting your already well-selected Rivashaa Melia Dubia Plant, you can do well to improve growth by adding 100 grams of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza, 40 grams of Trichoderma, Phospho bacteria and Azospirillum as well as 10 grams of Pseudomonasand all into a slightly dug hole of about half a foot of each of your planted sapling.

This initial plantation method gives your sapling all the nutrients for growth in needs for early developmental stage and regular irrigation can be maintained to foster further initial growth, at least once every three months during the rainy season and once every ten to fifteen days during the non-rainy season. Also, do not forget to prune at least once every six months as soon as the plant reaches two meters in height in order to maintain a meaningful branch control.

In Conclusion

It is wonderful to know that aside from the economic benefits that the Melia Dubia has to offer those who are receptive of this information, the Melia Dubia also has many environmental benefits. The tree helps in absorbing CO2 as well as other harmful gas emitted into the environment. It helps in preventing the rise in temperature and it is high in calorific values, leaving it as an important source for biomass power plants.

It is amazing to read all these amazing facts about the Melia Dubia Plant. However, what is more, amazing is that Rivashaa remains the one-stop place where you can get first grade Melia Dubia saplings in order to join the league of agroforestry investors that are reaping the economic benefit of the Melia Dubia and are also willing to change the world with it.

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