Melia Dubia Plantation Methods: Our Top Tips

Melia Dubia Plantation Methods: Our Top Tips

Melia Dubia Plantation

Melia Dubia Plantation

Melia Dubia, which is also called Malabar neem, is a very valuable tree for agroforestry in India. It’s hardy, grows quickly, and can be sold for use in the paper & pulp industry, plywood industry, and construction industry, depending on the age and maturity of the trees when they’re harvested.

By planting Melia Dubia at your farm or plantation, you can double your investment in as little as 3-5 years. If you’re interested in growing Melia Dubia trees for timber, you may be wondering what Melia Dubia plantation methods you can use to make sure your trees grow to be healthy and strong. Let’s discuss a few tips and techniques you should use below.

Prepare Seeds Properly Before Germination For Better Germination Rates

Many people who plant Melia Dubia for the first time simply opt to simply purchase Melia Dubia saplings – because the process of preparing and germinating Melia Dubia seeds is time-intensive.

This is because the Melia Dubia seed has a naturally water-resistant outer coat. If the seed is planted without removing the kernels inside it individually, the natural germination rate is about 10%, which is very low.

So, if you have a nursery at your farm and plan to germinate Melia Dubia yourself, you need to know about one of the top Melia Dubia plantation methods for better germination – by partially decomposing the seed, the outer seed coat can be removed.

Simply mix about 5 kg of dried manure with 2kg of seeds and some water. Then, leave this mixture in a shady area. After about 2 months, the outer seed coat will be partially decomposed, and can be removed. Then, the interior can be split, revealing kernels that can be dibbled individually. This increases germination rates to about 30-60%.

Don’t Plant Melia Dubia In Windy Areas

Melia Dubia has a relatively shallow root system and lacks a taproot. This means that it is somewhat susceptible to damage from high winds. Keep your trees properly trimmed can help with this, but you should still avoid planting Melia Dubia in extremely windy areas. Planting your trees on the side of a hill that is sheltered from the wind, for example, can help ensure that they are protected from blowing over.

Fertilize Your Melia Dubia Trees WIth NPK Fertilizer

Melia Dubia can be grown without the use of fertilizer in high-quality soil. However, if your soil quality is lacking, you’re growing Melia Dubia in a more arid environment, or you just want to make sure your trees grow up to be strong and healthy, using fertilizer is one of the best Melia Dubia plantation methods.

You can simply apply a 250:150:150 NPK fertilizer twice a year, About 20-25 grams should be applied for each tree, for a total of about 40-50 grams of NPK. Mix the fertilizer with water, and spread it evenly around each tree.

Prune Melia Dubia Regularly To Prevent Side Branches

Melia Dubia can be pruned and trimmed from the sapling stage to prevent side branches. When this Melia Dubia plantation method is properly used, the trunk will grow up to 10 feet (3 metres) in height without any side branches. Pruning should be done starting when the Melia Dubia saplings are planted in your main field. However, you should only remove side branches at a rate of about 1 every 15 days, to avoid damage to the tree.

Plant Melia Dubia At The End Of Summer Or Rainy Season

Melia Dubia thrives in a moist environment, but pools of stagnating water are not beneficial for the growth of seedlings, saplings or adult Melia Dubia trees. This is why it’s a good idea to plant Melia Dubia at the end of the summer or rainy season, when there is not as much rain.

You should also plant your Melia Dubia trees on well-drained ground. During regular rainy weather, they will not need any irrigation. However, irrigating every 10-15 days during the dry season is advisable if it is not raining regularly.

Again, over-irrigation should be avoided with Melia Dubia plantation methods. If you see pooling water that’s not draining properly, this is a sign that you need to make some adjustments.

Plant Ground Crops Along With Melia Dubia Trees

If you are planning on growing Melia Dubia trees for use in the plywood industry, they should be planted at least 5 x 5 metres apart to allow for proper growth. But you do not have to let this unused space on your plantation go to waste.

Melia Dubia has a relatively thin crown, which means that the tree is not overly shady. If you would like to maximize cost-effectiveness at your farm, you can plant ground crops between the trees. Most farmers opt for simple, fast-growing annual crops like groundnuts, or black/green gram.

By using this Melia Dubia plantation method, you can make sure you are maximizing the value of your farm – which is particularly important if you only have a few hectares of land, and do not want to exclusively grow Melia Dubia trees. You will also diversify the crops you’re growing, so that there is a lower risk of pests or other issues affecting your income and production.

Raise Your Trees More Effectively With These Melia Dubia Plantation Methods!

Thanks to these Melia Dubia plantation methods, you’ll be able to raise healthy, strong trees that will sell quickly – and you can double your investment in Melia Dubia in just 3-5 years. So don’t wait. If you’re interested in growing Melia Dubia, contact a local dealer of Melia Dubia seeds, seedlings, and saplings to get started, and to learn more about the best Melia Dubia plantation methods.

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