Irrigation Tips for Melia Dubai Cultivation

The Rivashaa Irrigation Tips for Melia Dubai Cultivation

Just like in any plant, irrigation is highly important for the Melia Dubai tree to survive. It is an entirely different thing if you got some highly nurtured Rivashaa Melia Dubai saplings to grow. To cultivate them, when fully transplanted, requires a deep understanding of irrigation.

As it is our joy at Rivashaa, we bring you the compact but very comprehensive five minutes article that will keep you updated about your understanding of traditional irrigation and how you can maximize it for effective growth in the Melia Dubai cultivation.

Irrigating Your Plantation

While irrigation may not pose a lot of problems during the rainy season or in areas with high rain ratio, it then becomes a problem in places that record low rainfall. The goal of any Melia Dubai person is to achieve the fastest growth in the shortest time possible. Even for places with high rainfall, irrigation is essential to supplement the required irrigation level which rain might not possibly achieve.

Initial stages for Melia Dubai plantation, especially after transplant is important. In understanding what the irrigation requirement for your Melia Dubai farm is, you need to first understand the type of soil you are dealing with.

For instance, in the initial growth stage of Melia Dubai in red soil, especially in the first year, you need to irrigate a single sapling with at least ten to twenty liters of water for every three to four days.  The case is slightly different in black soil in which case, you might need to irrigate a single sapling every seven days with ten to twenty liters.

One Year Post-Planting Period irrigation

The irrigation requirement for your Media Dubai tree changes after one year of planting. That is because the roots are getting for complex in reach and this means more water is needed if you still want to achieve the desired growth within a short time frame. Hence, in black soil, your plantation will require fifty liters every seven days all through the second-year growth period.

On the red soil, however, you need the same fifty liters of water every three days to irrigate. The most important feature of irrigation, especially at this stage is to preserve all spoil nutrients and make sure your Melia Dubai plants absorb as many nutrients as it can.

Critical Notice

For places that experience winter, it is important to know at this point that you have to stay completely off watering your tree field during winter after two years of post-plant growth. Melia Dubai often goes into sleep mode during this time and watering them in the winter season may do more damage than good. Hence, you should stop irrigation after two-year post-plant growth and keep it at that until harvest.

Irrigation Requirement after Two-Year Post-Plant Growth

From the third year, Melia Dubai needs eighty to a hundred liters of water during the summer season and this is to be applied to any kind of soil. Also, remember to stop irrigating during winter. In places that do not experience winter but experience heavy rainfall, make sure you clear out any water stagnation around your Media Dubai field especially when they haven’t reached a designed height yet.

Remember between three to five years is the right time for harvesting if you are looking at selling it off to softwood needing industries such as the plywood and paper pulp industries. However, if you are growing till the seventh or eighth year, especially if you are looking at hardening the wood, we often advise at Rivashaa to stop irrigation in the seventh year of cultivation. This will allow the Media Dubai to toughen up into a solid hardwood which is then idle for building purposes.


As interesting as it is to watch your Melia Dubai grow into very envious heights of trees, it requires a lot of work and attention to makes sure nothing goes wrong. However, the process is an all-inclusive process that starts with selecting just Rivashaa Media Dubai sapling as the best grade of Melia Dubai sapling that is available in the market today.

It doesn’t stop there; you also have to know the type of soil you are dealing with and the kind of weather that is obtainable in your environment. All of these will help you in choosing the best irrigation plan for the field. We wish you a happy and very profitable cultivation.

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