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The Benefits Of Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 – Better Silage For Healthier Livestock!

Napier CO5 Silage

Napier CO5 Silage

Whether you own camels, cattle, or any other livestock that needs silage and forage, Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 from India is a great choice. While many farm owners and livestock owners are well aware of the benefits of Indian-grown forage and silage like alfalfa, maize, Napier and Super Napier, Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 is a new hybridized grass that offers superior nutrition – for a similar price.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of Hybrid Napier Grass CO5, compare it with other types of feed on the market, and provide technical details related to its composition and nutrition. Let’s begin.

What Is Hybrid Napier Grass CO5?

Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 has been developed by crossbreeding Napier grass – one of the best forage and silage crops in India – with a number of other grass types like Bajra Grass to combine the best properties of each one.

The result is a quickly-growing, highly nutritional grass with broad leaves, a high yield, and soft, easy-to-digest fibres with a high protein content.

For this reason, Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 is quickly growing in popularity, compared to other types of feed like alfalfa, maize and Napier Grass CO5 and Super Napier.

Comparing Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 With The Competition

Compared to the competition, Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 delivers more nutrition at a better value.

Alfalfa, for example, is one of the most widely-used cattle silage and forage grasses, but has a lower protein content of about 12%, and a higher crude fibre content, ranging from 20-28, compared to Hybrid Napier Grass CO5.

The same is true of other major competitors – such as maize silage, as well as Super Napier and Pakchong I. Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 outperforms every other type of silage and forage on the market.

Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 – The Technical Details

Want to learn more about Hybrid Napier Grass CO5? Below are some of the technical details related to the composition of our Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 products.
  • High protein content – By weight, Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 contains 14.6% protein, which is higher than Hybrid Napier CO4 and Super Napier, as well as Pakchong I
  • Low crude fibre content – With its low crude fibre content of 26.5%, Hybrid Napier Grass has a low level of indigestible matter, meaning it’s more nutritionally dense than comparable silage and forage.
  • Ideal dry matter content – Hybrid Napier CO5 has a dry matter content of 20.3%, making it the perfect way to supplement fresh feed and forage.

The Benefits Of Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 For Sheep, Camels, Cattle And More

Why choose high-quality Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 for your livestock? Here are a few of the benefits of doing so.

  • Better nutrition – Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 is exceptionally high in protein, vitamins and other essential nutrients, especially when compared to alfalfa straw and maize silage.
  • Easy digestibility – Due to its overall lower fibre content compared to the competition, Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 offers more digestibility, making it easier for your livestock to get essential nutrients.
  • Affordability – Despite its excellent nutritional qualities, Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 is very affordable because it is resistant to pests, fungi and disease, is simple to grow and harvest, and is easy to dry, store and ship.

Shop Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 Now – Get The Nutrition Your Livestock Need

Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 has numerous advantages compared to other types of silage and forage, as you can see above. So if you’re interested in this product, you can start shopping for Indian-grown Hybrid Napier Grass CO5 now, and get some samples to see the benefits of this product for yourself.

Hybrid Napier Grass

One of the few challenges that napier grass crops present is its lack of seed production. The agriculture world has responded by developing several different hybrid forms of the grass, including Napier Grass COBN5, which has thus far proven to be the most successful and useful variety of the plant. This strain has proven to not only grow rapidly (up to three meters tall in one season), it also demonstrates the added benefit of growing in even the poorest of soils, such as parts of the UK, Northern Europe and more arid climates, like the ones found in Northern India. This allows for napier grass COBN5 to be grown and harvested at the source, which cuts down on the transportation needs that would essentially defeat the purpose of this ecological marvel.

It’s clear that napier grass, a plant once thought to be nothing more than wild-growing ground cover, is set to be the crop of the future. In our continued global efforts to mitigate climate change, it’s essential that we utilize napier grass and other green technologies to protect our resources for years to come.

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P.S.: The Hybrid Napier COBN5 Silage is prepared from freshly cut and shredded forage.

So it has moisture in sizable quantity. This content is not quantified, and the moisture is essential to retain nutrients of different kinds, also, to retain the balance of digestible carbohydrates along with fiber and other nutrients.

The plus point is the Hybrid Napier COBN5 Silage can be retained for cattle feed for many months, meaning a long shelf life.

No exposure to air ( the package is vacuumed before sealing of silage bag) in the moderately compressed form.

Please click here to download the packing specification sheet.

The test report is available on request.


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