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One of the most basic and inexpensive ways of feeding livestock such as cows, sheep, goat, camels and other forms of ruminant animals remains open grazing. However open grazing has its own consequences.

Its nutritional consequences can expose your livestock to malnutrition and other serious health issues, the most fatal of all being death
Its ecological issues range from herbage removal, trampling to adverse changes in vegetation structure, the adverse effects are however quite limitless.

Favored Plant or Grass Species by Livestock


While a wide range of plant species and grass favored by livestock, not all are nutritious or beneficial.


Species such as squirrel corn, sneezeweed, English yew and so on are quite poisonous.


Other very reliable plant used in livestock raring such as maize silage and alfalfa often times needs to be supplemented with other nutritious substance before they can be ultimately beneficial.

Introducing Napier CO5

A close look at this very unique species of plant would give an impression that the plant is merely a variant of the common elephant grass and nothing special.
Napier CO5 is now renowned for its many desirable characteristics which are very peculiar.
This unique plant is a special breed created by cross-breeding elephant grass with the pearl millet and then organically fortified to get an amazing new hybrid plant that is super rich in protein and every essential nutrient that your livestock needs.

Let’s Talk Nutrients


In terms of quality of nutrients, no other species of grass supersedes Napier CO5.


It has the highest amount of crude protein that ranges up to 16%


Its dry matter stands an amazing 20.3% higher than what a regular Napier grass would give you or any other plant for that matter. Also, its crude fiber gallantly pillars itself at 26.5%.


Napier CO5 is drought resistant and can grow and survive even in some of the most adverse weather conditions insofar as the soil is rich in organic matters needed to ensure necessary growth.

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Facts on Growth and Yields

There is no other plant no matter how much artificialized its growth is, that would give you up to a two hundred tons per acre in herbage and can grow as tall as fifteen feet
Not only would you put even a very minimal amount of land to good use, you can save a lot in store silage and also create a perfect alternative for open grazing as it takes just fifty-seventy days to have a fully grown Napier CO5.
Napier CO5 is also rich in water-soluble carbohydrate that makes it very suitable for silage. You don’t even have to add any additive.

Nutritional Comparison with Alfalfa


It is absurd to compare Napier CO5 with common Alfalfa but for the case of clarity, below are the detailed facts.


Alfalfa contains just about 12-14% of crude protein unlike Napier CO5 that has as high as 20%


Alfalfa contains a crude fiber of only 20-22% making Napier CO5 far more superior to it.


Also, the Napier CO5 grass has high water efficiency that allows it to survive in any weather condition which Alfalfa doesn’t have.


Comparing Maize Silage with Napier CO5


The crude protein level of maize silage is very low standing just a little above 9% since it is majorly a starchy feed, making it a source of carbohydrate and energy rather than crude protein.


Its dry matter is quite high, ranging from 30-35% as compared to the 20.3% of Napier CO5.


Maize silage crude fiber stands at an average of 20.2% as compared with Napier CO5 which is 26.5%.

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